Dig deep.

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Today day I did a brick workout as part of my triathlon training.  Per my training schedule, I rode for about 30 minutes then ran for about ten.  If you remember me talking about my last triathlon, you may have heard me say how hard the bike leg was.  It is definitely my weakness.  I could swim forever, I can run just fine.  But being on the bike sometimes makes me want to cry.  Some things that went through my mind during this mornings ride...  Dig deep. This is your weakness. Find your strong. This is a race. This is not a leisure ride. Ooo, downhill. Crap, another hill. Almost there. Use your legs. Hustle.

Those last two thoughts are words I say to my kids when they're on their bikes.  I took my own advice.  I finally turned the corner to my street.  I dropped off my bike at home, ditched the helmet, put on a hat and took off for a quick run.  I know the person who came up with the name "brick" workout must have also considered how your legs feel when you try to run after being on the bike.  I'm pretty sure I said this when I trained for my last tri, but it feels like my feet are cemented in buckets and I have weight belts attached to my quads.

Sometimes I wonder why I sign up for these things.  But to answer my question with a question, "Why not?"  If I can endure this, I'll certainly come out stronger on the other end.

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