Suck It Up.

Ok, this might be TMI but, I started my period yesterday and have cramps from H E double hockey sticks! A perfect reason for not doing my run today. I even told myself, "OK, this is your off day". But then I was thinking, what if race day falls on a day like today. I can't make it my off day, I'm just going to have to suck it up. So.... that is what I did. I put on my shoes and dragged my hormonal @$$ to the gym and ran 2 miles. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but I did it. You know what? I actually feel better now than I did before the run.

Note to self: Starting my period... not a good enough reason to skip a workout. Dang.

Today's Workout: 3 miles on treadmill; .25 mile warm-up, 2 mile run, .75 cool-down.