31 Weeks

Alright, so I've been majorly slacking in the photo journaling I was so gung ho about. I'm now 31 weeks and I have three photos to show for it. Oh well, guess that what happens with the third pregnancy. Poor kid doesn't even have a name yet.

The second trimester was a breeze, went very smoothly. The third, however, is taking it's toll on my energy for sure. Actually, what energy?? Not to mention the tossing and turning (and pee'ing) all night long. I can't complain too much though because the baby is growing right along just as he should (have I mentioned that it's another boy?).

We are anxiously awaiting your arrival, little guy. And I promise I'll have a name for you soon. :)


18 Weeks

Today marks the 18th week of pregnancy #3. I decided to do another photo journal as the weeks go by. I did it with my second pregnancy, it's cool to look back and see how much I grow from week to week. I wish I would have thought to do it with my first.
So far, only five pounds gained. Which doesn't seem right at all, but that's what the doctor's scale says so I'll take it. I haven't been exercising as often as I should. I did go to the gym a few times last week and even did a some laps in the pool on Saturday. But gosh, I hardly have the energy to do anything these days. Chasing after my two boys seems to tire me out enough.

Despite the lack of energy, I am very happy to say the first trimester queezy-ness is gone. I now have quite a manly appetite. I am hungry ALL of the time, even in between meals. Like, to the point where if I don't eat, I get a little pissed. The hard part is making sure I don't over do it on cookies (those Girl Scouts!) and other not so good for me foods.

I have an appointment next week. I'm hoping we'll find out the sex. Will it be another boy? Or will our mom's get their wish and finally add a girl to our little family? We shall see.


Here we go again!

OK, I'm gonna switch gears a little on this blog for now. For the last few months I've been writing a little about my half marathon training. I could not have run that race a better time in my life. I trained hard. But now, it seems I won't be running anywhere for the next 7 months or so. Only two weeks after running the race, guess what I found out??

I'm P R E G N A N T !

Let me tell you, I am very excited. Now that the shock of it all has worn off. Mike and I had decided after the birth of our second son, Ryan, that we are done having kids. Our family is complete. Deep down, I always wanted to have more, but was also more than content with my two beautiful boys.

So, needless to say, this pregnancy was very unplanned! In fact, I was even on the pill. How's that for meant to be? At the moment, and presumably for the next 7 months or so, I've got pregnancy on the brain. Which is to say that Nathan and Ryan are going to be big brothers and I'm about 12 weeks pregnant and I can't stand not talking about it anymore!

Morning sickness (all day sickness, really) is in full effect. I'm hoping it's at its peak and will start to subside soon. It's still relatively early in the pregnancy, I know. But I feel so blessed, I can't NOT share. And if anything, God forbid, did go wrong with this pregnancy, I'd want to talk about that too.

So here we go again!


Stay tuned.

I have some news that I've been dying to tell! Maybe in a few more weeks. :)