Plank a Day

First of all, I hope that all the mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  I sure did.  My boys made me cry with all the little handmade gifts.  I'm so blessed with all my little dudes :)

{me + my boys, mother's day 2012}
So, I can't remember when I first seeing this whole Plank A Day revolution thing, but I knew I wanted to get on board.  I read about it here, and thought it would be a challenge to get rid of the ole baby holder/kangaroo pouch.  I won't be needing it anymore, so why am I still holding on to it??  I seriously need to strengthen my core and planks are a good way to do it.  I've gotten much stronger core-wise since I started doing yoga once or twice a week, but I still have a way to go for a strong back and flat abs.  

So the ultimate goal is to hold a plank for for at least a minute, or more if you can.  I first thought, pshh, how hard can that be?? Then I tried it and I was losing it at 45 seconds.  But I kept at it and was able to hold at least a minute in no time.  That doesn't mean it's easy though :)

Try it.  Aim for a one minute plank at least once a day.  If you're on Twitter, like me, you can also follow other plankers using the hashtag #plankaday.  If you'd like, post some pics on my Facebook page.  Let's keep each other accountable!

{me, just plankin' around the house}

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