Step away from the can!

I love a good infographic.  Especially this one that explains why we all need to stop drinking soda, or pop, or coke, however you want to say it.  I mean, this isn't really breaking news, we all know that soda isn't the healthiest beverage option. But I like how it's all visually laid out to make it easier to understand the harmful effects. 

My husband stopped drinking it at the first of a year as a new year's resolution and hasn't looked back.  I stopped a few of months ago, but would allow myself a "treat" every once in a while.  But it's actually been a couple months since I've had any at all and honestly I don't miss it.  It's been years since I stopped drinking regular, or non-diet, soda.  But, diet soda is just as bad, if not worse, it turns out.  All that artificial stuff, our bodies just don't need it.  Step away from the can!  Nice knowing ya, Diet Cherry Coke :)

{infographic by Term Life Insurance}
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