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One question that I get asked often is, "How do you find the time to exercise with three boys?"  That's a good question.  How does any mom find the time to do anything for herself?  What with the piles of laundry, the sink full of dishes, the dusty furniture, the drop-offs, the pick-ups, the meals to be made.  Not to mention the moms who go to work full or part time on top of all that.  

So, how do we find the time?  Let me rephrase that question, how do we MAKE the time?  We make the time to do the things that are important to us.  We make time to prepare healthy meals, to read to our kids, to make morning coffee (important, right?).  On the other hand, the things we need to find time for tend to get put on the back burner (read: laundry, dusting, etc...).  At least this is the way MY mind works.   Yes, cleaning the house is very low on the totem pole for me!

What I'm getting at is, if you are serious about your health and being fit you need to MAKE time.  How.  Here is what I do, the busy mom of three.

1.  Get up early.  I admit, I don't do this often.  I cherish my sleep.  But sometimes you need to leave your comfy bed comfort zone.  On one of the days on the weekend I'll get up at 6:20 and go for a run.  I'm usually done before my brain realizes what I just did.  Once I'm done I feel so accomplished and I can tackle the rest of my day.  Workout done.  When I do it:  When my husband is home and everyone is still asleep.

2.  Make a date with a friend.  No one likes to be stood up.  Make yourself accountable and show up.  Plus, working out with a friend makes it fun and before you know it you're done with your workout and caught up on the latest gossip.  What.  When I do it:  On a weekend or afternoon when my husband is home.  

3.  Make it quick.  A workout does not have to be very long.  All you need is 30 minutes.  Make it count though, a quick workout should have some intensity.  When I do it:  Naptime.

So, that's what I do.  Obviously my husband plays an important role in this.  He is very supportive and I am thankful for that.  When he is away for longer periods of time (military) I will rely heavily on #3.

Tell me, how to you MAKE time to exercise?

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