Meet Capri, my new BFF

Raleigh Capri 3.0

After I completed my first triathlon last summer, I knew I was hooked.  I had no idea that I'd ever want to compete in one, but why wouldn't I?  I was a natural swimmer, I had just started to enjoy running and, biking... Well, how hard can it be?

I didn't have a road bike, but a friend of mine let me borrow one of her bikes, a hybrid bike.  I didn't get much outdoor training due to weather or time.  But I thought that the bike portion of the race would be relatively, I don't want to say easy, but do-able.  Ha!

Where I made fantastic time on the swim (41st of about 280), I lost it all in the bike portion.  I don't blame the bike.  I blame those damn hills!  No, I'm kidding.  But I do think I may have done somewhat better if I did have a road bike.  Your body just sits on it differently.

So, since I knew I'd be doing more triathlons in the future, we started to really consider buying a road bike.  They are not cheap, and quite an investment.  But what better to invest in, than my health?  I'm so excited to start training for this June's triathlon on my new ride :)

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