A Little Motivation, Please?

Okay, the original excitement of starting this new healthy lifestyle has started to wain. Don't worry, I'm still at it but it's so exhausting! I guess it's supposed to be, but still. I'm still using the bike as much as I can to get around, i.e. outings with kids, post office, etc... I'm still going to the gym here and there. But the motivation is lacking.

I'm not sure what I really need to get pumped about working out. Maybe a work out partner? I'd love to be able to go running or go to the gym with my husband, but the two kids make that pretty much impossible. It'd be fun to go to the gym with some of my mom friends, but it's so hard to coordinate with nap schedules, when the husbands going to be home, family time, etc... So for now, I'm at it alone. I definitely have the emotional support from my husband, friends and family. I just wish I could take them all to the gym with me!

On another note... I upped the distance on my running today. For the last couple weeks I've been doing one mile, max. Today I did one and a quarter. It felt good, too. I felt like I could have kept going. Not sure why I didn't. September 27th is when I will be starting my actual training schedule. So from now until then I need to get myself up to running three miles at a time. I will also start to integrate running outside on the street. This is much harder for me. No help from the treadmill out there.

Today's Workout: 1.25 miles on the treadmill.


  1. Good Job Sissy...1.25 is a start! I feel the same way, i wish I had someone to workout with. It would make it much more interesting. I take G on walks almost everyday and just talk to her out loud, people always give me second looks. But walks are doing nothing for my midsection, I need to step it up. Matt and I said we are going to start doing workout DVD's at night after G is asleep, but who wants to workout at 8-9 o'clock???

  2. I know, I don't like to work out at night. I always feel so full and burned out. Then if I do end up working out I get all wound up and can't sleep. Try during her nap, if you don't have a kazillion other things you have to do during that time.