Got Twenty Minutes?

Sure, you do. We all do. It's just a matter of how we spend it. Some of my favorite things to do with a spare twenty minutes... catch up on all my favorite blogs, work on some new designs for my shop, play a game of duck duck goose with the boys, take a little cat nap. Some of my not so favorite things to do with a spare twenty minutes... "gargle my heart", feel like I'm going to die, do enough crunches that I feel like my abs are going to explode.

What the heck is she talking about, you're thinking. The 30 Day Shred, that's what. You know Jillian Michaels from TV's The Biggest Loser, right? She's the one who is making me do these not so favorite things for my precious twenty minutes of spare time. But I bought this DVD for that reason alone. You can get this amazing, hard core work out done in such a small amount of time. Just when you feel like you're going to die, it's over, you're done.

I originally bought it a couple of months before I went to Maui last year. My plan was to do it everyday for 30 days and I'd be ripped and ready for my bikini. Ya, I did it for about 5 days before I started coming up with excuses why I didn't have the time to do it today.

I don't know if I'll ever do it for 30 straight days, but I do like to do it on days I don't do some major physical activity outside of the house. It is set up into three different levels, the first being a easier than the second and so on. She incorporates strength training (so you'll need a couple of little hand weights), cardio and abs in each level. And since it is only twenty minutes, each and every second she has you working HARD.

I think it is awesome because it's challenging, I break a sweat, and I can do all in a short amount of time. I usually do it when the kids are napping. In fact, I just did it about an hour ago.

Try it. You'll hate it! But you'll be glad you did it.

Today's Workout: 30 Day Shred, Level 2

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