This deserves a post.

It's been AGES since I wrote on this thing.  But after my last run, I have to share.

I get horrible, horrible shin splints.  To the point that I can't walk normal for a couple of days even after the shortest runs.  I've tried everything from running at an incline on the treadmill, resting days between runs, ice, heat, stretching, complaining... None of it really has worked.  Mike recently mentioned running barefoot, which I never really considered before.  I could definitely see how it might make a difference.  When I run I land on my heal first.  My shins do not like that very much.  I have tried to make a conscience effort to land either flat or on the balls of my feet, but it takes so much concentration and effort that it just makes me more tired.

So, today I thought I'd give barefoot running a try.  During the week I run on the treadmill in my basement.  I figured I'd start off easy and do a mile on the 'mill and see how it goes...

Then, 29 minutes and 34 seconds later I ran 3.13 miles!  My fastest 5k time yet, with a 9'25"/mile pace.  I consistently run between 10 and 11 minute miles, so this is a huge difference.  I could have gone farther but I seriously blistered my toesies.  But, oh my goodness, the difference!  My feet naturally wanted to land on the balls and my heals hardly touched the ground.

My legs felt like what I presume they should feel like after a run, sore calves and thighs.  Not achy joints, i.e. hips and knees.  And the best part of all, very little shin pain.  My shins are still sore from the run I did two days ago, so it's kinda hard to tell.  At least they don't feel worse.

I'm going to shop for some of those barefoot running shoes this weekend.

Who knows, maybe I can trick my body into thinking it's a runner. :)

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