My new kicks.

This past weekend I went shopping for some new running shoes.  After my epiphany, I knew what kind of shoes I was shopping for.  I had a couple of brands in mind; Nike Free, Vibram Five Fingers, and Merrell Pace Glove.

After telling the sales guy what I was looking for (something as close to barefoot as possible) he immediately brought me over to the Vibrams.  We totally bypassed the Nike Free, they had a little too much sole in the heel and that was one of the main things I wanted to avoid.  So I tried on a couple pairs of Vibrams.  Oh man, I couldn't get passed the feeling of those little toe holes!  Sure, they were fine in the store, but I can't imagine running a few miles in them, let alone a half marathon.  And quite frankly, I didn't really care for the colors they had available.  I'm sorry, but that is a factor when buying shoes, I am a girl, afterall. :)

Finally, I tried a couple pairs of the Merrell Pace Glove.  They actually do fit like a glove.  And the best part is, they have Vibram soles.  They are very light weight, lighter than any running shoe I'd ever owned.  Another plus, I don't need to wear socks and I can throw them in the wash when I need to.

So I think I got the best of both worlds here.  Light weight, "minimalistic" running shoes with Vibram soles.  And for the price of $100.00 they were the perfect match for me.  I went for a run with them on Sunday.  Got a few blisters, which is to be expected of new shoes.  I really can't believe the difference between these and my old running shoes.  Just like when I ran barefoot, I naturally wanted to land on the ball of my foot or at least flat.  And again, my heel didn't really touch the ground.  I felt like a gazelle running through the plains!  Before I felt as if I had let my feet dry in a bucket of cement then went for a run.

I'm hoping these shoes will make my runs more enjoyable.  :)

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