Things I like to eat...

I'm always on Pinterest looking for some ideas of what to eat, aren't you? Well, here's my own little roundup of some things I like to eat. Try them, if you'd like :)

1. Some of my go-to lunches :: tuna salad with cucumbers and homemade cilantro-lime vinaigrette on spinach; fresh fruit with a side of greek yogurt; sliced veggies with hummus and a hard boiled egg; BLT wrapped in whole grain tortilla with more cilantro-lime vinaigrette.

2. Snack time faves :: fresh fruit, usually with a handful of almonds.

3. Breakfast :: I almost always have an egg over-easy on a piece of whole wheat toast, but sometimes I'll mix it up with oatmeal, fresh fruit and chopped almonds.

4. Dinner :: usually consists of chicken breast, salmon and very rarely (like once a month) red meat. Usually I'll pair salmon with a fruit salsa or grilled fruit, a grain (like brown rice or quinoa) and some fresh veggies; roasted veggies with extra virgin olive oil and garlic to go with grilled chicken; and, one night a week I'll make pizza with homemade dough, this is the boys' favorite night of the week.

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