Ok, I'm pretty sure racing is done for the year.  Now what?  I'm the type of person that needs to train for something or I will not find a reason to work out.  I need motivation, something to work for.  I want working out to be second nature for me, like having my morning coffee.  Right now I'm finding it hard to balance my health and fitness with motherhood.  Sounds like just another excuse, I know.  I mean, it's been a challenge in itself training for the triathlon and half marathon this year.  Between drop-offs and pick-ups, nap time and breastfeeding, lunchtime and dinner planning, it's seriously a work out to fit in a work out.  I need to do something to give me a little shove, make myself accountable.

So, I'm just gonna put it out there right now... My "before" picture.  It's actually my "right now" picture.


don't laugh!

Oh Lord, I can't believe I'm putting this out there on the world wide web.  But, that gut's gotta go!  That's what three babies will do to you, I guess.  Soooo....

I want to continue running even though it's already starting to get quite chilly outside.  I suppose I'll need to incorporate some type of ab work outs, too.  I'm ready to start making more time for myself.  Here's to losing the gut!

Do you have any before/after/work in progress photos?  Please share, they're so motivating!

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  1. Dont know if I will share before/after pics, but if I do, where do I post them?

  2. You can put them on the FB page. :)

  3. Well...you're doing much better than I am, and I've only had one child. I am noticing a difference in my body, but let me just say that there will be no intentional before/work-in-progress photos of me :)